Celeb Jewels, By Jen launches the limited edition Rough Diamond Line July 15th 2016
Innovative Designer, Influencer and Blogger By Jen is now offering the must have Celeb
Jewels limited edition Rough Diamond line exclusively available to Fashion Bloggers,
Vloggers and Influencers.
Rough Diamond is an exciting collaboration where Fashion Bloggers, Vloggers and
Influencers are empowered to create and sell their own line.
Choose from a unique array of chic rings, bangles, earrings and pendants ranging from rose to silver and gold.
~ Premium gemstones, crystals and precious metals in a cocktail of colors ~ Rough Diamond is high quality, diverse and affordable.
Born in the Netherlands, The Celeb Jewels, By Jen vision is to celebrate all women from the business professional to the hardworking stay at home mom by making luxurious jewelry, affordable.
Everyone deserves beautiful jewelry. Be a part of the vision to create, inspire and celebrate the beautiful diversity in women. Join the Celeb Jewels movement!
All items come with a 12 month guarantee.
Be who you are, do it elegant and smart!
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