Hi Everyone,


This blogpost i will write in English because my followers are coming from all over the whole world…  (sending you guys much love, thanks for following me, my journey and the love that i’m getting to proceed en continue and following my dreams #dreamermodus


So i guess it’s time to write some more in another language…


I will use my blog more to share my life as a (single) Mom,  with you guys and hopefully giving you some inspiration during your life, school or businessperiod! / (starting your) Business but also:

  1. Beauty

  2. Kids

  3. Love

  4. Relationships

  5.  PR


-Reviews, Tutorials, DIY, and some other great brands wich i’m working with!

Cause the fact is.. i love nice things… Jewels, Clothes, Fashion, Cosmetics, Flowers, Art… uhm… and don’t forget Healthy Food!

I'm in love with these jewels. These are my daily Jewels

I’m in love with these jewels. These are my daily Jewels from Celeb


Well at this moment it’s a busy period cause this moment everything is going in a quick tempo so i’m busy with a lot of things.


Some of those things are:

  1. Enjoy Life
  2. Enjoy Parenting and Motherhood
  3. But also the stress that will come with it, and the way i flip that stress in positive energy and kick some ass businesswise!

After my vacation in France, i’m now slowly starting again with some Projects and Business things.

Me and my son au France – Doing some grocery

My day today started around 4 o clock in the morning.

Yes.. i know… thats a kind of early.

My vacation almost run over so i need to a lot of preparation to start next week again.

And keeping it: Zen By Jen

I can’t wait to film my upcoming vlogs and share all the good things that will come on my (and also a little bit your way)


My Emailbox really explodes so today i will start to get a little grip on this Delay and situation.


I think my main problem is that some company’s and people don’t understand how busy a person can be.. And that a lot of influencers/bloggers/vloggers also have a life…


That’s the only frustrated thing about my life and ”work”

I can’t call it work (i hate that term) cause i just do my thing. That’s all!


This weekend i will give a party cause my son lately turned 7.

The age of seven 7 remains me of the song…


Once i was 7 years old… … …..

So in love with this picture! Living the good life au France


Many people are asking me… Jen, what are you doing exactly

At that certain moment i’m thinking 2 things…


  1. Do i really need to try to explain this?

  2. How i can explain it without reading a book?

So i’ve decided to use my blog to share this journey with you guys and give you tips and tricks. And hopefully people will use my blog also as a information tool so i can keep it a little on the downlow…


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On to the next Blogpost!

Wishing you guys a sunny day!


Xo By Jen