I’m glad to be back.

I think that’s writing is some kind of a relaxation for me?

These last day’s the schedule is like… Crazy and hectic

“Me” time is more than important.

I think that thats the “key”

Just getting that time management straight.

Questions by Jen:

I’m very curious how it’s all working out for you guys? (Life,live,business,love?)

And where’re you from?

How do you combine as a mom the motherhood and business site or all the things that you’re working for to reach your goals and Following your dreams?

Between my crazy schedule i went taking a nice walk.

I just enjoy my life in the stadium where it’s now with my loved ones…

Of course… not all of my days are that good but i’ve really trained myself for keeping all bad energies and vibes far behind me.

And yes, it works.

Feeling blessed

Xo Jen


Picture details OOTD:

[Jewels] Celeb Jewels “limited edition Rough Diamond”

[Skirt] Delousion

[Boots] Est1842

[Bag] Franamsterdam