One pair of pumps? 

With at least 20 different styles?

Molinis can make this happen!

Transform and Style your pumps with Molinis!

But first more about the Molinis

Molinis is a brand that’s born in the Netherlands, withover at least 20 styles you can transform and customize your pumps.

The founder of this brand is: Esther Megens.

Esther has walked around with the idea to create a shoe accessory wich can make several styles of shoes with only one pair of pumps or ballerina flats.

Her idea was born in 2009.

With a lot of backoffice work and brainstormsessions she created and launched the brand: Molinis, in 2014

Her idea and product is internationally patented and registrered, what means that she’s the only person (worldwide) who’s able to design and produce the Molinis. You go Esther!

The Molinis are available in different colours and styles.

Like: Coachella, Elegant, Fringe-style, Luxe, but also casual with an edgy twist.

For every kind of woman there is a ”Molini”

For the independent woman, the fearless ones but also don’t forget the selfmade woman.


The BW Stripes Molinis

€ 38,90 

For women who dare to stand out.

Vegan leather and Handmade

The Collari Ankle Black

€ 34,90 

Combine this with a bright colour pump for that stunning look!

Vegan leather and Handmade

How to use the Molinis?

These are the steps of the Molinis.

Thia guide will show you, how to use the Molinis.

It’s very simple to create it! 

Transform your pump and save a lot of money by using them!

We love this kind of concepts!

Molinis Quote:

Play it smart when you want all the shoes but work with a budget to go travel and spend money on quality time with the ones who truly matter, cause Love and Experiences is what truly matters

A message from Molinis: You’re a sweetie!


We all know that shoppable ”read: Shoe-A-holic” girlfriend who can use “a or some” pairs of Molinis.Help your girl out and give her a Molinis Giftcard.

You can order your giftcard from 10 euro up to 50 euro.

Good to know:

The Molinis are all handmade. What makes every “Molini” very special.


We’ve spotted Molinis on the runway

Curious about the Molinis collection?

Go check their site: Molinis

You wil not be dissapointed

In my next blogpost and vlog i will combine some styles with the Molinis and i will give a Review 

So, stay tuned and up to date!